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Features to make the ScanPro even easier to use

Features to make the ScanPro even easier to use


We are pleased to announce that new shipments of ScanPro scanners will now come with a convenient front access USB port. This integrated feature is factory ­fitted and there is no additional cost.


In response to feedback we have received from the patrons using the ScanPro micro­film scanners, we have incorporated a user-friendly port conveniently located at the lower front left corner of the scanner.


Not only will this port accept a USB2 portable ‑ash drive but it will also accept the newer high speed, high capacity USB3 portable flash drive1.

The ScanPro microfi­lm scanners are the only microfilm scanners offering a built in USB flash drive. Patrons that are currently using this feature are reporting back to us that the location of the USB3/USB2 port provides exceptional ease of use.


We love making it easier to work with microfilm.


1 Requires that the host PC have an available USB3 port

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